Does your next agribusiness venture require research? Technical assistance?

Our Farm Life workshops and education seminars are key opportunities to get to know our team of agribusiness experts. We are prepared to help you develop a sustainable action plan with the best interest for your family and farm.

Mississippi Minority Farmers Association (MMFA)

We are a Mississippi based Non-Profit Corporation formed by a group of black farmers and land owners who saw a need within the farming community to come together as a group to address issues facing minority, limited resource and socially-disadvantaged farmers and rural communities.

Our Mission is to improve the lives of farmers and land owners through outreach assistance and training in the areas of agricultural education and farm management; rural development, and increasing/maintaining minority land ownership.

Our Aim is to secure the future of minority farmers and land owners and strengthen our communities.

“I am ecstatic about the potential of MMFA to help galvanize future farmers. We have a huge vault of knowledge and resources to share that dates back centuries across both sides of the Atlantic.”
Carolyn Jones
“I’ve been around the Agribusiness industry for over two decades and I must say, this organization really gets it. They have the expertise and formula for success for any farmer or land owner.
James Hill

Proudly We Stand…Sustainable, Profitable, Organize and Informed